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A Biographical Novel of Hatshepsut-Maatkare


Maria Isabel Pita


© 2009, Maria Isabel Pita

All Rights Reserved


Cast of Characters

(Fictional characters are indicated by an *, all others are documented historical figures listed in order of appearance)


AhmoseSister of Amenhotep I, Chief Wife of Thutmose I, Hatshepsut’s mother

Thutmose I 3rd pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut’s father

Hatshepsut King’s Daughter, God’s Wife, Great Royal Wife, Queen Regent, 5th pharaoh of the 18th dynasty

Inet Hatshepsut's Royal Nurse

Ahmose-Meritamun – Sister and Chief Wife of Amenhotep I, God’s Wife

Amenmose Son of Thutmose I and Mutnofret

Wadjmose Son of Thutmose I and Mutnofret

Ramose Son of Thutmose I and Mutnofret

Ruiu – Deputy of the King’s Son of Wawat

Senimen Hatshepsut’s tutor and the third tutor of Neferure

Neferubity Hatshepsut’s little sister

*Meresankh – Hatshepsut’s personal attendant

*Seshen Hatshepsut’s personal attendant

*Kanefer – Hatshepsut’s Chief Litter Bearer

MutnofretFirst wife of Thutmose I, mother of Amenmose, Ramose, Wadjmose and Thutmose II

Thutmose II Son of Thutmose I and Mutnofret, 4th pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty

*Nafre – Hatshepsut’s personal attendant

*Sinuhe – Steward of the Royal Household under Thutmose I

Hapuseneb – First Prophet of Amun, Governor of the South

Puyemre Second Prophet of Amun, Supervisor of the Treasury of Amun

Neferiah Royal Nurse of Thutmose II, Mother of Puyemre

Amenhotep Wife of Hapuseneb, Royal Ornament and Concubine of Amun

Ineni – Overseer of the Double Granary of Amun, Headman of Thebes and supervisor of all the works of Pharaoh

Akheperseneb – Northern Vizier under Thutmose I, Thutmose II and Maatkare

Senmut Neferure’s Tutor, Steward of God’s Wife, Steward of Amun, etc.

Min-Hotep – Brother of Senmut and Priest of Amun

Djehuti – Chief Treasurer and Overseer of Works

Amenhotep Steward of Amun, Priest of Anukis, Maatkare’s Royal Butler

Duauneheh – Royal Herald, Director of Amun’s Granary and Overseer of Works

Useramun Maatkare’s Vizier and Scribe of the Treasury of Amun

Hapu – Father of Hapuseneb, First Lector Priest of Amun

Ahmose-Penekhbet – Steward of the Royal Storehouse, Royal Treasurer, first tutor of Neferure

Neferkhaut – Chief Secretary of the Crown Princess Hatshepsut

Amenemhet – Brother of Senmut, Priest of the Bark of Amun

Pairi  - Brother of Senmut, Overseer of the Cattle of Amun

Ah-hotep - Sister of Senmut

Nofret-hor – Sister of Senmut

Harmose – Singer and Harpist to Hatshepsut-Maatkare

*Mentekhenu Head of Palace Security, husband of Meresankh

*Nebamun – Scribe and Counter of the Grain, husband of Seshen

*Nomti – Great Army Commander under Thutmose II and Maatkare

*Ka-hotep – Royal Artisan

*Ibenre – Priest of Sekhmet, Hatshepsut’s personal physician

Neferure – Daughter of Hatshepsut and Thutmose II, God’s Wife

HatneferSenmut’s mother

Tjuyu – Wife of Useramun

Henut-nefert – Daughter of Hapuseneb and Singer of Amun

Ta-em-resefu – Daughter of Hapuseneb and Singer of Amun

Senseneb Daughter of Hapuseneb and Wife of Puyemre

Isis – Secondary wife of Thutmose II, mother of Thutmose III

Ahmose-Ruru – Overseer of the Prophets of Min

*KhentiNomarch of the Sistrum

*SetauNomarch of The Great Land

Satepihu Headman of Tjeny and Overseer of the Priests of Hut-Sekhem

*Patehuti – High Priest of the Temple of Thoth in Khemnu

*RasuiNomarch of the Oryx

Dhout Maatkare’s Royal Steward

Tai Overseer of the Seal Bearers of God’s Wife of Amun

Ptah-Sokar – High Priest of the Temple of  Re in Iuno

*Kallikrates –Prince of the Keftiu 

*Nekhetmut – Foreman of the Servants of the Place of Truth

*Kamut – Deputy of the Servants of the Place of Truth

Djehutihotep – Oldest Son of Ruiu, Deputy of the King’s Son

Amenemhat Son of Rui, Deputy of the King’s Son, True Royal Confidant

Nehesj – Overseer of the Seal Bearers

Inebni – Senior Military Official, Troop-Commander, Overseer of the Weaponry

Tjeni First Prophet of Horus at Nekhen

*Sobekmose – High Priest of Sobek in Nebet

Thutmose III – Son of Thutmose II and Isis, 6th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty

*Sobekmut Nomarch of the Crocodile

Ipu – Wife of Ahmose-Penekhbet, Royal Nurse of Thutmose III

Tinet-iunet – Wife of Satepihu, Royal Nurse of Thutmose III

Satnem – Royal Painter

Tanefert – Second Wife of Puyemre

Paheri – Headman of Nekheb

*Ptah-Hotep – Son of Rasui and High Priest of Ptah in Mennefer

Hatshepsut – Wife of Amenemhat

NebiriSenmut’s Skipper

Satioh – Daughter of Ipu and Ahmose-Penekhbet, first wife of Thutmose III

Kheruef – Official in charge of Turquoise Mines in Roshawet

Ty – Overseer of the Seal Bearers after Nehesj

*Thutmose – Chariot Driver, King’s Sandal Bearer and Chamberlain

Amenemnekhu – King’s Son and Overseer of the Southern Foreign Lands

Tusi – Overseer of the Cultivators of Amun, administrator under Senmut

Goregmennefer - Maatkare’s Northern Herald

Chancellor NeshiMaatkare’s Secretary and leader of the expedition to Punt

Meritre-Hatshepsut – Wife of Thutmose III

Antef Great Herald of the queen and Director of the Granary

Ahmose – Brother of Antef, Scribe and Overseer of Horns, Hoofs and Feathers

Senenu – High Priest of Amun and Hathor in Djser-Set and Djser-Djseru

Ahmose – First King’s Son of Amun, Pure Priest

Maiherperi Kushite Fan Bearer

Wadjrenput – Royal Steward after Dhout

Djehuty – Army Commander under Thutmose III

Amenemhat – Oldest son of Thutmose III

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